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Elba Central School’s TIG Team

Trauma, Illness and Grief


What does TIG mean?

TIG stands for “Trauma, Illness and Grief”.  The team is made up of specially trained educators who respond to incidents that have a direct impact on our school community.  Also, the TIG team is trained to support in neighboring school districts when the grief load would benefit from outside support. 


TIG - Admin Team

TIG Members 

The members of the Elba Central School TIG team include:
Members of the administration Team
Gretchen Rosales (Superintendent),
Jessica Cramer (UPK-6 Principal) and
Morgan Marcello (7-12 Principal)

Members of the Mental Health Team
Nicole Kohlstaedt (School Psychologist);
Alison Riner (HS Counselor);
Kelly Carlie (ES Counselor) and
Ally Terranova (District-Wide School Social Worker)

Members of ELBA CSD Staff
Deputy Ryan Young (School Resource Officer);
Mark Beehler (Teacher) and
Michelle Ostroski (Teacher Aide)


TIG - Mental Health Team

Program overview 

Traumatic events can directly impact a student’s ability to learn. The National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence found that over 60 percent of children surveyed experienced some form of trauma, crime, or abuse in the prior year, with some experiencing multiple traumas. This exposure often prevents students from their ability to focus in class, study or can even impair their capability to do well on a test.
The Genesee Valley BOCES offers a Trauma, Illness, and Grief (TIG) Service to serve component school districts by delivering training and crisis support that links schools’ vision for trauma-responsive practices to processes for implementing sustainable change. The service includes crisis training for teams in each school district, crisis response support in the event of a school tragedy, public relations management and regional coordination of services to support students with mental health needs. The TIG service brings together school districts and mental health providers to create a comprehensive support system in the Genesee Valley region.


Helpful Resources & Supports

Here is a list of helpful resources and supports in our community.  
If you are experiencing a clinical emergency - please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
Lifeline - 211 – or 1-877-356-9211
A local operator can connect you with mental health professionals 24/7


TIG Resources

Please click any of the links below for resources on coping with Grief and Loss in Schools.